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This week, PT sits down with the CEO of Wampler Pedals and the host of the Chasing Tone podcast, Brian Wampler. Plus, Pipes and PT reveal the topic of their new six-part series. 

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Pipes and PT are back. They dust off their microphones to discuss the pros and cons of DIY, tips for buying and selling used gear, and Pipes's new guitar. Plus, a new game called Guicar. Bliss on! 

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Alife and Rhod rundown the first half of the Six-String Bliss Community album: The Seventies Album: Dark Side... of the Bliss

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Episode 272: Bliss On (Part two)

Well, this is it folks. The exciting conclusion to the last Six String Bliss show. Over a dozen listeners talk about what the bliss has meant to them over the years. There's even a little guitar talk in there for old time sake. 

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Pipes and PT remember the Bliss.

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The Blues have been a lot of places. The Delta. Chicago. Memphis. And now, Six-String Bliss! Join us for the Six-String Bliss Community album, The Blues Album!

Check back on Monday, October 7th to download the complete album for free right here on Six-String Bliss.

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In this episode we have a guitar story, a book review, a quick-fire list of topics, and an important annoucement.

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Chris Sherland sits down to discuss his new book 'Lead Guitar from the Inside Out' and his innovative teaching philosophy. Plus, Pipes talks picks.

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Pipes and PT interview Skinny Jim Rotramel on his new album, life on the road, and what it's like to record with Eddie Spaghetti.

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Gavin Downie sits down with Red Witch Pedals head honcho Ben Fulton for a fascinating discussion on tone, rechargeable pedals, and the happy accidents that lead to great guitar pedals. Plus, Pipes and PT give their thoughts on essential effects pedals for beginners.

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