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Episode 110: The Chet Atkins Diet

Pipes and PT take a deep breath and dive into a style of music that not received much attention thus far on the Bliss.  That's right; Six-String Bliss has gone country. 

But first, the boys share an email from Pierre Journel, whose Bo Diddley tribute song was played in Episode 107.

PT reveals some mysterious experiences involving his amp setup.  Could the end of the world be far behind? 

Pipes gives the next installment in his guitar painting adventure.

Pipes also discusses his brand new ProTone Wah pedal!

GoW (selected by Pipes and PT):

Brad Paisley

Guitar News (Part One):

Jimi's flaming guitar to be auctioned:

Center Song:

The Pistol Whipper-Snappers – Rip My Heart Out

Guitar News (Part Two)

The Moog Guitar

Peavey's new PXD Series Guitars

Normandy Releases Aluminum Archtop:

Top 5 List:

Pipes and PT's Top 5 'Gateway into Country Music' Albums

Guitars Defined:

The boys give a shaky definition of 'Chicken Pickin' 

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