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Episode 111: Virtual Tube Amplification with Studio Devil’s Marc Gallo

PT’s town has been invaded by bikers!  And he’s cool with it.  (And he’s sorry for calling S&S the wrong name an air.)

Pipes’ guitar painting saga continues.  If he can overcome his mental block his project could be stunning. 

Pipes prepares for a much-needed vacation.  Hope he can take his guitar! 

The saga of ‘chicken-pickin’ haunts PT. 

PT hearts his old-school 1.0 Pod and he finally admits it! 

Jacko dials in with some commentary and also a mighty nice donation.  His pick for GoW is:

Kerry King!

Guitar News:

Rock Guitar Physics:

Worst Cover Songs of All Time:

Naked Cowboy Sues Mars!?! (this is officially the weirdest show note ever)

The Guitar iPod:

Center Song:

No Use For a Name – For Fiona

Interview with Studio Devil Founder Marc Gallo. 

Marc stops by to talk about how amp simulators develop, the future of technology and why Studio Devil is worth a close look.

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