Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Guitarists rejoice; Blissmas Time is here!  In this podcast, we thrill out to Christmas tunes sent in by our listeners and ponder the true meaning of Blissmas.
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Pipes & PT are proud to welcome one of today's most talented and accomplished guitarists to Six-String Bliss!  Dave Martone sheds light on his early years, his new album and how you can become a better guitarist.  You don't wanna miss this one!
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Admit it, every once in a while you just don't feel like rocking out.  It's happened to the best of us.  How do you break a slump?  Worry not, gentle Blissers, Pipes and PT are on the case!  Plus, Pipes' got a new piece of gear and PT gets all fired up.
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Guitar playing has never been about normalcy… In this podcast, Pipes & PT uncover some surprisingly great guitar solos and also premier their own odd little cover songs.  Take it, PT!
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Pipes & PT, along with special guest J.A. Allen, get a little sappy as they commemorate their one year anniversary!  Also, get details on the big December contest!
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Pipes and PT gear up to give away some swag, plan their future careers and give their thoughts on some of the latest guitar-related news!
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No topics.  No interviews.  No agenda.  Just some good old guitar talk, Six-String Bliss-style.  And isn't that what it's all about?
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Hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to check out Kazy’s spectacular video ‘Choke’.  In this episode, Kazy guitarist Ray Kainz joins Pipes and PT to discuss his band and the video.  Pipes and PT also squeeze in a double-shot of accessory reviews.
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Every great band puts out the occational experimental album, right? Sometimes they're great and sometimes they fall flat.  Why should Six-String Bliss be any different?  Join Pipes and/or PT for a experimental look at a founder of rock and roll, one of the greatest years ever and a little bit of weirdness.
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In this episode, Pipes and PT put their already shaky reputations on the line in a challenge of skill, they test each other's patience in a rambling discussion on individual taste, and Pipes prove himself the Man with the best Guitarist of the Week 'Get' in 6SB history!
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Acoustic or Electric?  Is one better?  More pure?  More rockin?  Let Pipes and PT give you the definative answer!  Plus, Pipes makes a startling revelation!
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You liked last week's interview?  You ain't seen nothing yet!  Part 2 of our epic interview with guitarist Ronny North, a spotlight on one of Pipes' favorite guitar movies and a survival guide to big-box guitar shops!
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Pipes and PT are joined by guitarist Ronny North, one of the fastest rising stars in instrumental guitar rock.  They also squeeze a review and bit of old-fashion guitar-geek talk!
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Another hour jam packed with guitar talk.  In this edition, we drink alone, Pipes and an elephant-king set some goals, and we take on Gibson's latest signature guitar!
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Join the 6SB boys for an illuminating discussion of gear, magic rings, gear, why we love gear, gear, gear we have, gear we want, really big pumpkins and gear. 
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You sent an email?  We're reading it.  You posted on the forum?  We're talking about it.  You like the West Siide Winders?  We're playing them again.  Cause this episode's all about you, your questions, your ideas and your show.  (Okay, so it's a little about us too.)
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It's time to dig into our roots: the roots of rock n roll with our guitarist of the week; the roots of our minds with some guitar headlines; and the roots of the Bliss with a good old extended rant by our very own Pipes.  You're gonna wanna hear this one...
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Episode 33: The Review Episode! That's right, Pipes and PT give you the honest truth about the Roland Cube-30 Amp as well as a Benford Tele. And of course all our usual guitar stuff like Guitarist of the week! Learn more about the Roland Cube-30 at
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Episode 32 Ah, what a long strange trip it's been, but episode 32 is finally here! We salute our guitarist of the week, Pipes tells of his backstage debut, PT raves about his new axe, and we unvail Six-String Bliss 3.0. It's all happening, and 6SB is back on track!
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Episode 31: PT is Back In Black And Netteshiem Writes The Final Chapter On this episode PT is once again back in the house! We catch up with PT before bringing you the third and final chapter of the Steve Benford/Patrick Netteshiem Interview.
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Episode 30: Guitar Gods, The Almighty Dollar, And Benford Does Interviews! Okay, Episode 30 is really just a drawn out rant of Pipes I get lost, repeat myself, and burn some bridges at 98 degrees. Then Benford saves the day with the Patrick Nettesheim interview!
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Episode 29: The Benford Show With an Exclusive Interview! In PT's absence, Pipes calls in Steve Benford to fill PT's shoes. Not only does Steve record a great podcast, but he came with part one of a three part interview with Patrick Nettesheim!
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Episode 28: VoV and Tabs Vs. Music Notation! In this episode we cover some breaking news about VoV and one of the greatest guitar debates, tabs vs. music notation!
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It's our first look into that end result of guitar playing: the album.  Join us for a discussion of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti!
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Is it the song or the player?  In this cast, after many and various rants, we tackle this timeless guitar topic head-on... before once again getting distracted.  Viva la revolution!
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In the 25th  episode, Pipes and PT look at a couple Rock Gods, fallen and otherwise, make a phone call, and reveal our secret guitar origins!     
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Eww, Cooties!  In this podcast, we discuss a number of guitar topics including female guitarists and a controversial Washington Post article. 
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In this monster episode, we spend more time talking about guitar than you'd believe.  Topics include Scott Ian, VH-1, another guitar podcast, Rolling Stone magazine, music videos, beer and much much more.  We hope you've got a comfortable chair!
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He's know as the Great Chameleon.  Steve Trovato has toured the world, written instructional books, backed some of the greatest players on earth and taught at one of the most prestigious guitar programs in the U.S.  Now he stops by Six-String Bliss to discuss higher education, his upcoming album and how to get a job with Madonna. 
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Pipes waxes poetic on his new guitar and PT guides you through the jungle of home recording for the ultra-cheap guitarist!
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In this podcast, we interview Clint Searcy, a man who builds guitar and bass pickups and unique instruments.  Hear his comments on the new Golden Age of Guitar Building and how to start making your own pickups!  Check him out at 
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Episode 19: String Things! In this podcast, we pay tribute to a guitar legend and talk about that most essential item, guitar strings!
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Join us for a discussion of, well, reviews, costumes and Stephen Hawkins!
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Pipes & PT reveal their guitar secret origins and engage in part one of the Great Debate.
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Our first 'live' episode, where we offend almost everyone!
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Revel in our shame as we reveal the albums we're ashamed to love! Plus Pipes reviews the Taylor T5!
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Pipes & PT kick it old-school and discuss ebay, Heartfield guitars and few of their other favorite topics.
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Join us for a candid chat with acclaimed Milwaukee guitar builder Steve Benford.
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In this episode, Pipes flys solo as PT welcomes his baby girl into the world. We have a PT voice-mail update, practicing tips, and a rant about guitar magazines!
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