Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
In this monster episode, we spend more time talking about guitar than you'd believe.  Topics include Scott Ian, VH-1, another guitar podcast, Rolling Stone magazine, music videos, beer and much much more.  We hope you've got a comfortable chair!
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He's know as the Great Chameleon.  Steve Trovato has toured the world, written instructional books, backed some of the greatest players on earth and taught at one of the most prestigious guitar programs in the U.S.  Now he stops by Six-String Bliss to discuss higher education, his upcoming album and how to get a job with Madonna. 
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Pipes waxes poetic on his new guitar and PT guides you through the jungle of home recording for the ultra-cheap guitarist!
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In this podcast, we interview Clint Searcy, a man who builds guitar and bass pickups and unique instruments.  Hear his comments on the new Golden Age of Guitar Building and how to start making your own pickups!  Check him out at 
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