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Episode 31: PT is Back In Black And Netteshiem Writes The Final Chapter On this episode PT is once again back in the house! We catch up with PT before bringing you the third and final chapter of the Steve Benford/Patrick Netteshiem Interview.
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Episode 30: Guitar Gods, The Almighty Dollar, And Benford Does Interviews! Okay, Episode 30 is really just a drawn out rant of Pipes I get lost, repeat myself, and burn some bridges at 98 degrees. Then Benford saves the day with the Patrick Nettesheim interview!
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Episode 29: The Benford Show With an Exclusive Interview! In PT's absence, Pipes calls in Steve Benford to fill PT's shoes. Not only does Steve record a great podcast, but he came with part one of a three part interview with Patrick Nettesheim!
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Episode 28: VoV and Tabs Vs. Music Notation! In this episode we cover some breaking news about VoV and one of the greatest guitar debates, tabs vs. music notation!
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