Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT are joined by guitarist Ronny North, one of the fastest rising stars in instrumental guitar rock.  They also squeeze a review and bit of old-fashion guitar-geek talk!
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Another hour jam packed with guitar talk.  In this edition, we drink alone, Pipes and an elephant-king set some goals, and we take on Gibson's latest signature guitar!
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Join the 6SB boys for an illuminating discussion of gear, magic rings, gear, why we love gear, gear, gear we have, gear we want, really big pumpkins and gear. 
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You sent an email?  We're reading it.  You posted on the forum?  We're talking about it.  You like the West Siide Winders?  We're playing them again.  Cause this episode's all about you, your questions, your ideas and your show.  (Okay, so it's a little about us too.)
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