Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Every great band puts out the occational experimental album, right? Sometimes they're great and sometimes they fall flat.  Why should Six-String Bliss be any different?  Join Pipes and/or PT for a experimental look at a founder of rock and roll, one of the greatest years ever and a little bit of weirdness.
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In this episode, Pipes and PT put their already shaky reputations on the line in a challenge of skill, they test each other's patience in a rambling discussion on individual taste, and Pipes prove himself the Man with the best Guitarist of the Week 'Get' in 6SB history!
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Acoustic or Electric?  Is one better?  More pure?  More rockin?  Let Pipes and PT give you the definative answer!  Plus, Pipes makes a startling revelation!
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You liked last week's interview?  You ain't seen nothing yet!  Part 2 of our epic interview with guitarist Ronny North, a spotlight on one of Pipes' favorite guitar movies and a survival guide to big-box guitar shops!
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