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The good folks at Searcy-Buchholz Track Works have recently teamed up with Six-String Bliss to release our first Christmas album, and this episode is all about listening to it!  Plus, we mention some music-related charities that could use your help.
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Pipes takes a look at the Scratchpad, PT spouts some gear news, and the boys talk about the Queen track and the guitar work of Brian May. 
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Pipes and PT take a look at the latest release from Native Instruments and ponder what it could mean for the future.  Is the home recording studio the great new frontier or the great new money pit (hint: it is both). 
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Well rested after a longer-than-average podcast hiatus, Pipes and PT spout off their top five opening tracks, solve all the problems of a major guitar manufacturer and partake in the some listener voicemail. 
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In this new media world, a player can upload a video and let thousands of people rate their skills. Is it a proving ground for the next generation of guitarists or a distraction from real world experience? Plus the ProTone contest winner revealed!

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Pipes and PT celebrate Halloween with mangled top five lists, a GoW who plays a coffin and some frightening tales.  Plus, Dennis from Pro Tone Pedals is back, and he wants to give you a free pedal!
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Little tube amps:  They seem to cast a spell with the promise of tasty tone at tiny volumes.  PT's sold, but is Pipes?  The guys weigh in on a smattering of tube amps under 10 watts.  Plus the 'Many Legends of Dave Mustaine'!
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Pipes and PT call their metal roots into question with thier picks for Guitarist of the Week and their current listening habits, PT revisits his disposable guitar concept and Pipes plans his first album!


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In this podcast, Pipes and PT chat with Dennis Mollan about inspiration, rock stars and designing killer pedals priced for mere mortals.  Also, we get old-school with our GOW, ponder nonguitarists,  and announce a new contest!
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Love, Loss, and Used Guitars:  PT tells the tale of a pretty guitar, an evil corporation, a struggling music store and a kid who loved baseball.  Featuring music by Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Thee Exciters, and Willie Shutter.
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Pipes gets in touch with his rockabilly roots, PT proposes the creation of a disposable guitar and the guys plan how to best cultivate the next generation of guitarists.  Podcast gold, I tell you!
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Pipes and PT take a look at the dilema of the happy song, get stoked about the upcoming Christmas album, continue the guitar relicing debate and Pipes confronts the slippery problem of the pick slide. 
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This episode will leave you wondering how we can cram so much guitar talk goodness into one podcast!  Pipes pulls out a GoW PT's never heard of, PT has a hat trick of DVD reviews, and we premier a bliss-tasic new supergroup forged in the a great internet community and birthed in the fires of rock!
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Pipes manages to keep his head above water long enough to bring you another excellent guitar podcast!  PT brings a controversial GOW, the boys discuss playing by ear and much more!
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Guitars.  Yeah, we all love em.    But what if you could have any five guitars in the world, and only those five, for the rest of your life.  What would they be?  Pipes and PT have picked theirs.  How about you?
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Pipes and PT take a look at the Evel Knievel of acoustic guitar, the hows of finding a great guitar tech and the ethics of the bonus track.
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Happy 75th to the Bliss!  Pipes and PT celebrate by featuring a guitarist who is not Tom Waits, reviewing Guitar Rig 2 and Pipes frets over the fate of a giant sign that says Virgin. 
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Pipes and PT take a look at one of the all-time greats of guitar: Mr. Les Paul.  Plus, an indepth conversation of that small but all important tool, the pick! 
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Before Pipes and PT head out into the wilds for a couple weeks off the Bliss, they are hitting you with a supersized episode jam-packed with music, the worst cover songs of all time, a tribute to an LA Rock Guitar King and the Brady Bunch.  That's right, I said Brady Bunch.  Plus, Pipes and PT plan two events, one legal, one not so much.  Bliss on!
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Some of the best episodes are the ones where Pipes and PT just talk about what's on there mind without any plan.  If you like those podcasts, boy is this one for you!  Pipes digs through the trash, PT lets out the dog and both have a lot of fun!
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Pipes and PT step over to the acoustic side of the tracks for this episode. Tone woods, affordable models and garage sale treasures are all discussed.  Plus: Punk and Hip-Hop guitar!
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The world is changing, but is the guitar world changing with it?  And should it?  Join Pipes and PT for the continuing discussion of innovation in the guitar manufacturing and recording industries; their answers may surprise you.  Plus PT plays a new tune, and Pipes goes into exile!
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Pipes and PT take a look at one of the innovators of the delta blues, PT examines an innovative possiblity for custom paint jobs and Ken Parker, The New Yorker and Pipes muse over the lack of innovation in our favorite six-string instrument!
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This episode we discuss a classic but often marginalized guitarist, Joe Perry.  Plus, the Squier 51, the new Stooges album and music piracy.  Grr, Arrg!
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Pipes and PT break out their lab coats and take a look at some of rock's greatest myths!  Plus, rants about American Idol, Courtney Love, and PT mixes up Iron Madien and Iron Butterfly, confusing everybody!
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It's time again to reach deep into the mailbag and let the listeners say their piece!  And they have plenty to say.  Plus, a 6SB listener call to action!
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In this episode, PT gets a little feisty about the Guitarist of the Week, Pipes declares himself an idiot and musicians across the globe rock for the environment, freedom and possibly even the love of music!  Also, there's some talk about death and Manuel Noriega. 
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Some we get in the mail.  Some we pick up at the guitar shop.  Pipes gets his at the grocery store.  And we are here to discuss them all!  In this podcast, Pipes and PT focus on some of their favorite guitar mags, Pipes reviews Peavey's reality TV premiere and PT bemoans the loss of free time and large album artwork. 
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Pipes and PT spend this podcast honoring some songwriting heroes of the guitar world and covering some dos and donts of the guitar jam session.  Bliss on!
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Pipes and PT are honored to welcome Paul Gilbert to Six-String Bliss!  Paul discusses his new album, the G3 tour and much more.  Pipes and PT also give an in depth review of the Chicago G3 show and podcast live from the Bliss-mobile on the streets of Chicago!
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Springtime is here, and with it comes a discussion of the oft-disputed Father of Metal, proper barre chord technique and a little thing PT likes to call the F-Hole.   

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You wanted info on home recording, so we brought in an expert.  Marc Schonbrun has written books on many aspects of recording, and, as an accomplished guitarist, he has knows the struggles of taking your song from idea to finished product.  He's here to share a few thoughts on the subject.  Also, we announce the biggest contest in Six-String Bliss history!
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A new episode, and Pipes is feeling a little bittersweet.  A new piece of gear, a new guitar shop, 20 ways to improve your guitar playing and more are revealed in this podcast. So bitter, it's sweet!
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In this podcast, PT takes a look at one of the most original and inspirational masters of the guitar, and Pipes begins his journey into an age without a guitar god....
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In this podcast, Pipes and PT turn to the mailbag for some insightful feedback and debut a new segment by pickup genius Clint Searcy.   Finally, your hosts prove that the term 'smart people' may not apply to them when they reveal their lottery dreams.   That's all right, I still got my guitar!
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In this podcast, Pipes and PT celebrate a Guitarist of the Week who always did it his way, possibly at the cost of his own success.  They discuss the  practice of stompbox modding, the differences in each home studio and Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 20 new guitar gods!  Did Pipes and PT make the list???
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In this guitar news-centric podcast, Pipes and PT put their unique spin on everything from the new Ford Mustang and the Hendrix Energy drink to really old trees and the fate of a one of a kind piece of 6SB history!
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Talk hard, play... okay, it's mostly talking. A little bit of everything you love, all in one Bliss-tastic podcast.  Oh yeah, we got your Guitarist of the Week, your product review, your breaking news and even some listener mail.
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In this podcast, we interiew guitarist Amy Schugar on her projects past and present and her unique outlook on the musical world.  Plus, we dig into some of the headline grabbing guitars and effects debuted at NAMM 07!
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It is the beginning of the year, and that means it is time to look at the big picture.  In this podcast, Pipes and PT examine the state of guitar journalism and where it can go from here, and also the state of Six-String Bliss!  Plus, Pipes turns to the power of Eastern medicine for supreme guitar power!
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2006 is over, but the year had much to offer the music-loving guitarist, and Pipes & PT are here to break it down for you one time.  In this podcast, we list some of our, and your, favorite albums of the year, and bliss on into 2007.
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