Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
In this podcast, PT takes a look at one of the most original and inspirational masters of the guitar, and Pipes begins his journey into an age without a guitar god....
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In this podcast, Pipes and PT turn to the mailbag for some insightful feedback and debut a new segment by pickup genius Clint Searcy.   Finally, your hosts prove that the term 'smart people' may not apply to them when they reveal their lottery dreams.   That's all right, I still got my guitar!
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In this podcast, Pipes and PT celebrate a Guitarist of the Week who always did it his way, possibly at the cost of his own success.  They discuss the  practice of stompbox modding, the differences in each home studio and Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 20 new guitar gods!  Did Pipes and PT make the list???
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In this guitar news-centric podcast, Pipes and PT put their unique spin on everything from the new Ford Mustang and the Hendrix Energy drink to really old trees and the fate of a one of a kind piece of 6SB history!
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