Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT take a look at the latest release from Native Instruments and ponder what it could mean for the future.  Is the home recording studio the great new frontier or the great new money pit (hint: it is both). 
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Well rested after a longer-than-average podcast hiatus, Pipes and PT spout off their top five opening tracks, solve all the problems of a major guitar manufacturer and partake in the some listener voicemail. 
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In this new media world, a player can upload a video and let thousands of people rate their skills. Is it a proving ground for the next generation of guitarists or a distraction from real world experience? Plus the ProTone contest winner revealed!

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Pipes and PT celebrate Halloween with mangled top five lists, a GoW who plays a coffin and some frightening tales.  Plus, Dennis from Pro Tone Pedals is back, and he wants to give you a free pedal!
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