Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT discuss the topic of guitar competitions. Classical guitar competitions are very common, but where’s the rock guitar competitions? Are guitar competitions the wave of the future or a distraction from the true joy of music?
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Pipes and PT count down the list of guitar-related items they would love to see under their Christmas tree in 2008. Hope their loved ones have a lot of spare cash!
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Many of the albums released in 2008 have something in common, and Pipes and PT have noticed the pattern. But what does it mean for the future of music? Plus Guitar News, GoW and much more.
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Dave Martone returns to Six-String Bliss to discuss his new album, Parker guitars and online guitar lessons. Listen to the interview for some great conversation then check out the album for some of the best guitar playing around.
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Pipes and PT are sporting a shiny new theme song courtesy of This week they have TONS of guitar news, and lots of listener feedback.
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It's finally here: Stay Tuned, 6SB community's TV theme song cover album. The listening experience begins here, but don't forget to go to to download the album, read the liner notes and see the artwork. And hop on the forum and talk to the artists about their tracks!
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Nial McGaughey, President of Solid Cables, joins Pipes and PT to discuss what makes a great cable, the weak points in your signal path and what you can do about it. Plus Guitarist of the Week and tons of Guitar News!
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It’s the long awaited album of the month Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band’s Trout Mask Replica. Captain Beefheart and producer Frank Zappa push the limits of popular music and expand the direction of rock for years to come. Pipes and PT share their takes on this challenging yet essential listening experience.
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Pipes and PT take a look at the music industry, how it has changed in recent years and where it might be going. Plus, pedals reviews, News and GoW, all in an extra-large guitar podcast.
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The West Side Winders have long been a Bliss favorite. Guitarist Dan Peters sits down with Pipes and PT to discuss being a Rockabilly rebel, the West Side Winders and his recent experience in the Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Superstar Competition.
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There is nothing we love more than hearing from our listeners. Some emails and voicemails are so great we have to share them. Hear what your fellow listeners are saying including corrections, folklore and somebody building Six-String Bliss pedals!!
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Pipes and PT are joined by Troy the Metal Anthropologist to discuss metal, where it’s been, where it’s going and why you should pay attention.
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Pipes and PT discuss all things tuning. Are you in tune? How do you get there? How close is close enough? What are your tuning options? Plus reviews of the Coffin Case Blood Drive, some of the pedals in Amplitube Metal and much much more.
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Daniel Klein of Port City Amplification has some revolutionary ideas about amps, cabinets and the future of the tube amp.  You owe it to yourself to listen to his thoughts and check out his amps.  Plus guitar news and the Hip Kitty Cream Distortion pedal.
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Pipes and PT have a nice long interview with legendary vintage guitar expert and author George Gruhn.  Nuff said. 
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Episode 114: Spotlight of Fat Tone Guitars PT experiences Gibson Weekend at Dave’s Guitar Shop: Listener Chris wins some Bliss-picks simply by leaving a voicemail. You could be next! Call 206-203-3738 for your chance. PT reviews the Line 6 DL4. Is it worthy of the ample space it takes up on a pedalboard? Guitarist of the Week (selected by Joel): Luther Dickinson Guitar News: Where Have Guitar Solos Gone? IGN Ranks Punk’s Guitar Gods: Best Buy Gets Into the Game: National Fingerpicking Champ: Center Song: Sunblind by Jesse Dee Chicago-area shop Fat Tone Guitars are quickly making a name for themselves among guitarists out for unique gear and a personalized buying experience. Owner Phil chats with Pipes and PT about the shop, the gear he loves and much more. Nashville’s own Clint Searcy checks in with a review of the Electro-Harmonix POG. Discuss the episode on the forum:
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Episode 113: Tour of US Music Corp Headquarters

Listener Coel joins in for the birth of a new segment: Email of the Week.  Send in your email to win some Bliss Picks!  Pipes and PT refer him to some of their favorite guitar repair sites:

and of course:

GoW (selected by Larry):

Danny Gatton –

See him play guitar with a towel!!!

Guitar News:

Fender to release David Gilmour signature Strat:

Bejeweled guitars are really expensive:

Dean leaves Dean?!?

Lost Hendrix Album?

Center Song:

Can You Hear This Song? – by Karma Generator

Pipes and PT take you on a guided tour of the US Music Corp world headquarters.  Learn about how your favorite Washburns, Parkers and Randalls are made.  And don’t forget to check out the 8.6 million pictures we took along the way! 

Discuss the episode on the forum:

and send us your feedback at and 206-203-3738.

Also, don’t forget to contact us for your chance to rove the NAMM 2009 floor as a Six-String Bliss correspondent. 

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Episode 112: Interview with Ken Haas of Reverend Guitars

Pipes considers moving his amp to the basement!

Pipes vs. PT race for a ProTone pedal!

PT puts out a call for pedal reviews and Pipes invites YOU (yes, you) to NAMM 2009.

New Forum!  Now Forum!

GoW (brought to you by Alfie):

Lenny Kravitz

Guitar News:

Tune your guitar with your iPhone:

World’s Largest Guitar Lesson; Will you be there?

Gear Trap’s Link of the Week…

John Mayer Busted!

Pete Townse nd’s Guitar Auctioned:

Center Song:

Everything I Want by Souls of We

Interview with Ken Haas of Reverend Guitar

Ken talks about his insane guitar collection, Ron Ashton and why you need to get your hands on a Reverend. 

Comments on the episode? 

Go to

Email us at

And leave us a voicemail at 206-203-3738. 



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Episode 111: Virtual Tube Amplification with Studio Devil’s Marc Gallo

PT’s town has been invaded by bikers!  And he’s cool with it.  (And he’s sorry for calling S&S the wrong name an air.)

Pipes’ guitar painting saga continues.  If he can overcome his mental block his project could be stunning. 

Pipes prepares for a much-needed vacation.  Hope he can take his guitar! 

The saga of ‘chicken-pickin’ haunts PT. 

PT hearts his old-school 1.0 Pod and he finally admits it! 

Jacko dials in with some commentary and also a mighty nice donation.  His pick for GoW is:

Kerry King!

Guitar News:

Rock Guitar Physics:

Worst Cover Songs of All Time:

Naked Cowboy Sues Mars!?! (this is officially the weirdest show note ever)

The Guitar iPod:

Center Song:

No Use For a Name – For Fiona

Interview with Studio Devil Founder Marc Gallo. 

Marc stops by to talk about how amp simulators develop, the future of technology and why Studio Devil is worth a close look.

Discuss the episode on the forum:

Or leave us a voicemail:


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Episode 110: The Chet Atkins Diet

Pipes and PT take a deep breath and dive into a style of music that not received much attention thus far on the Bliss.  That's right; Six-String Bliss has gone country. 

But first, the boys share an email from Pierre Journel, whose Bo Diddley tribute song was played in Episode 107.

PT reveals some mysterious experiences involving his amp setup.  Could the end of the world be far behind? 

Pipes gives the next installment in his guitar painting adventure.

Pipes also discusses his brand new ProTone Wah pedal!

GoW (selected by Pipes and PT):

Brad Paisley

Guitar News (Part One):

Jimi's flaming guitar to be auctioned:

Center Song:

The Pistol Whipper-Snappers – Rip My Heart Out

Guitar News (Part Two)

The Moog Guitar

Peavey's new PXD Series Guitars

Normandy Releases Aluminum Archtop:

Top 5 List:

Pipes and PT's Top 5 'Gateway into Country Music' Albums

Guitars Defined:

The boys give a shaky definition of 'Chicken Pickin' 

Discuss the episode on the forum!

or leave us a voicemail:


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Episode 109: Modding with Bitmo Bruce

PT ponders a guitar recommendation for a friend and plans his perfect pedalboard. 

Pipes misses out on a discontinued Coffin Case pedalboard.

Pipes also embarks on a guitar painting project.

A listener comes to Pipes and PT for electronic advice. 

Guitarist of the Week:

Emppu Vuorinen

Guitar News:

Les Paul plays the Pabst Theater

Guitar stolen in Long Island

Guitarist joins New Zeland Bagpipe trio

Martin celebrates 175th anniversary

And Pipes tries to reinvent the wheel by debating the merits of numbers on guitar knobs. 

Center Song:

Firewater – 3 Legged Dog

Bruce Hutcheon from Bitmo Modifications joins Pipes and PT to discuss modifying amps and effects, what’s next for Bitmo and how a public speaking engagement led to the creation of his company.  Check out Bitmo’s site

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Pipes and PT give a big thanks to those who have donated to the NAMM 2009 fund so far. 

We play a couple of voicemails.  Join in the fun by leaving us a message at 206-203-3738.

GOW (selected by listener David):

Charlie Christian

Guitar News:

George Jones’ long-lost guitar returned!

M&I building salutes Les Paul:

Moog Guitar:

AC/DC Hearts Walmart:

Center Song:

Charlie Christian with the Goodman Sextet – Flying Home

Pipes and PT are joined by Dennis Mollan of ProTone Pedals to discuss the latest ProTone and give us the inside scope on the hottest new stomp boxes.

Dennis also sticks around to help us define the next term in our ‘Guitars Defined’ series: True Bypass.

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Episode 107: The Tone Microscope


PT gets ready to mods his Epiphone Jr, and Pipes has some soldering tips.

Pipes is selling his midi controller and focusing on a certain fretted instrument of note.

Pipes presents the news… no wait, he does not. 

Instead Pipes and PT pay tribute to one of the founding fathers of rock and roll:

An interesting study raises some basic questions about tone, what effects it and what it means to us. 

Middle Song:

Pierre Journal – Bo Diddley Groove

Steve Benford ( joins Pipes and PT for the next installment in the Guitars Defined series:  Intonation. 

Benford also fills us in on the latest happenings with Guitar For Vets and how we can help.


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Pipes re-enlists in the Metal Method bootcamp.

PT’s gear lust knows no bounds, but now it does have an actual list.  Plus, his beloved King’s X has a new album!

Guitar News:

Sambora offers Beckham guitar lessons:

Vintage guitars good investment?

Les Paul honored in Milwaukee:,0,2571027.story

Guitar-guy shakes a lot of hands:

Guitar Idol:

Pipes sits down with Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations at US Music Corp.  Jody shares the latest happenings at Randall, Washburn, Eden and Parker.  Washburn has some exciting new models and designs.  Hear about them all here from Jody himself.

Center Song:

Prong – The Banishment

Pipes and PT debrief from the interview.

Pipes begins his quest to find his long lost first guitar.

And we round out the episode with a the next installment of the Guitars Defined series: Class A Amplifiers. 

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Pipes and PT talk about their recent trip to the Chicago Guitar Show:

And put out a call to action.  Visit for your chance to when the Screaming Eagle guitar!

Six-String Bliss News:

Six-Neck Bliss:

Guitar Club:

Guitar Thief pays the price:,0,702895.story

Wired Magazine is obsessed with the Bliss:

John 5 stops by to discuss his career, the new album and teaching the kids to play guitar.

and Pipes and PT review John 5’s new album, Requiem. 

Alfie from Australia checks in with a voicemail.  Check out his youtube page:

Pipes and PT continue the ‘Guitars Defined’ series with a look at the Fifth interval. 

And Six-String Bliss has a new voicemail line: 206-203-3738.  Give us a call today!

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Episode 104: Tone Defined!

Pipes has a perplexing encounter with the local hip hop station
And PT notices an odd smell.

Guitarist of Week:
Alexi Laiho
Check out his absurdly cool ESP signature guitar:

Six-String Bliss News:
Man lands 1907 Washburn at auction
Mylie Cyrus’ best friend is her guitar
‘Loud’ documentary chronicles guitar history:
Polish guitar players band together:

Center Song:
Are You Dead Yet by Children of Bodom

Guitar Experiences:
Fender University:
The Breedlove Experience:
Egnater Amp Seminar:
Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp:
Speciman School of Guitar Making:

Pipes and PT start a new series ‘Guitar Defined’ with a look at the question ‘What is tone?’

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Episode 104: Epiphone Valve Jr. - Even PT can mod this!

Sponsored by G7th Capo
Check out these great capos and let ‘em know you appreciate them supporting the Bliss!

Pipes reads from a Schecter Guitar catalogue.  Really!

PT tries to pronounce Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars

Guitarist of the Week:
M. Ward

Six-String Bliss News:
Roger Waters loses Pig

Wired Magazine loves Six-String Bliss?!?!

John 5’s new album

Richie Kotzen releases live album

Middle Song:
Chinese Translation by M. Ward

PT has finally picked up an Epiphone Valve Jr. and he is warming up his soldering iron and is ready to start modding.  But how much is too much to spend on an amp that streets for under $100?

Pipes and PT share a couple of listener emails and a long-standing 6SB question is finally answered.

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The second episode in the 'guitar stories' series.  Pipes, PT and two other guitarists tell their stories of the first time they experienced a rush on the guitar.  Share your own story on the forum at
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Episode 101: Monte Montgomery Interview! PT sits down with one of the greats, Monte Montgomery.  Plus, Elvis' fate, industry news, voicemails, emails, Guitarist of the Week and more! 
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The milestone of episode 100 is finally here!  Check out the complete show notes at the newly revamped  If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious podcasting.
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Ah, it's come this... a clip show.  Pipes and PT wrap up the first hundred episodes of Six-String Bliss with a look back at some of their favorite moments.  So hop in the way-back machine and strap yourself in for a wild ride!
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Pipes and PT explore the mystery of stereo versus mono cabinets, ponder a list of band names and Pipes shares a visit to the doc.  All this, plus a salute to a forgotten funk guitar god!
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PT contemplates a visit to the low-end of gutiardom, while Pipes journeys to the Chicago Vintage Guitar Show and catches up with Steve Benford.  Plus, Eddie Cochran, a great new track from Searcy-Buchholz Track Works and Pipes sings!
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Pipes and PT celebrate legendary guitarist Ry Cooder.  Then the boys share a NAMM interview with singer/songwriter Jann Klose, and Pipes is so inspired, he decides to put his own voice to the test...
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Pipes and PT are back, and there is plenty more NAMM to talk about.  Not even a case of laryngitis can stop the Bliss this week.  Pipes and PT reveal a few of their favorite products and manufactures as well as what happens at NAMM after hours!
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From a hotel room in Southern California, Pipes and PT give you the inside scoop on what it was like to be standing in the Anaheim Convention Center for NAMM 2008.  Part one includes coverage of Thursday and Friday, the first two days of the show.
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Pipes and PT put their seldom-used brains to use and ponder all these gamers pretending to play guitar, the definition of the Standard Stratocaster, and if one man can truly effect rock history.  Plus, with the NAMM show only days away, the boys want to know what YOU want them to cover!
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2007 is over, but Pipes and PT still have a couple things to say about it.  It's a double shot of top 5 lists as the boys count off their favorite albums of the year and the best closing tracks of all time. 
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