Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Pipes re-enlists in the Metal Method bootcamp.

PT’s gear lust knows no bounds, but now it does have an actual list.  Plus, his beloved King’s X has a new album!

Guitar News:

Sambora offers Beckham guitar lessons:

Vintage guitars good investment?

Les Paul honored in Milwaukee:,0,2571027.story

Guitar-guy shakes a lot of hands:

Guitar Idol:

Pipes sits down with Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations at US Music Corp.  Jody shares the latest happenings at Randall, Washburn, Eden and Parker.  Washburn has some exciting new models and designs.  Hear about them all here from Jody himself.

Center Song:

Prong – The Banishment

Pipes and PT debrief from the interview.

Pipes begins his quest to find his long lost first guitar.

And we round out the episode with a the next installment of the Guitars Defined series: Class A Amplifiers. 

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Pipes and PT talk about their recent trip to the Chicago Guitar Show:

And put out a call to action.  Visit for your chance to when the Screaming Eagle guitar!

Six-String Bliss News:

Six-Neck Bliss:

Guitar Club:

Guitar Thief pays the price:,0,702895.story

Wired Magazine is obsessed with the Bliss:

John 5 stops by to discuss his career, the new album and teaching the kids to play guitar.

and Pipes and PT review John 5’s new album, Requiem. 

Alfie from Australia checks in with a voicemail.  Check out his youtube page:

Pipes and PT continue the ‘Guitars Defined’ series with a look at the Fifth interval. 

And Six-String Bliss has a new voicemail line: 206-203-3738.  Give us a call today!

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Episode 104: Tone Defined!

Pipes has a perplexing encounter with the local hip hop station
And PT notices an odd smell.

Guitarist of Week:
Alexi Laiho
Check out his absurdly cool ESP signature guitar:

Six-String Bliss News:
Man lands 1907 Washburn at auction
Mylie Cyrus’ best friend is her guitar
‘Loud’ documentary chronicles guitar history:
Polish guitar players band together:

Center Song:
Are You Dead Yet by Children of Bodom

Guitar Experiences:
Fender University:
The Breedlove Experience:
Egnater Amp Seminar:
Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp:
Speciman School of Guitar Making:

Pipes and PT start a new series ‘Guitar Defined’ with a look at the question ‘What is tone?’

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Episode 104: Epiphone Valve Jr. - Even PT can mod this!

Sponsored by G7th Capo
Check out these great capos and let ‘em know you appreciate them supporting the Bliss!

Pipes reads from a Schecter Guitar catalogue.  Really!

PT tries to pronounce Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars

Guitarist of the Week:
M. Ward

Six-String Bliss News:
Roger Waters loses Pig

Wired Magazine loves Six-String Bliss?!?!

John 5’s new album

Richie Kotzen releases live album

Middle Song:
Chinese Translation by M. Ward

PT has finally picked up an Epiphone Valve Jr. and he is warming up his soldering iron and is ready to start modding.  But how much is too much to spend on an amp that streets for under $100?

Pipes and PT share a couple of listener emails and a long-standing 6SB question is finally answered.

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