Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Episode 109: Modding with Bitmo Bruce

PT ponders a guitar recommendation for a friend and plans his perfect pedalboard. 

Pipes misses out on a discontinued Coffin Case pedalboard.

Pipes also embarks on a guitar painting project.

A listener comes to Pipes and PT for electronic advice. 

Guitarist of the Week:

Emppu Vuorinen

Guitar News:

Les Paul plays the Pabst Theater

Guitar stolen in Long Island

Guitarist joins New Zeland Bagpipe trio

Martin celebrates 175th anniversary

And Pipes tries to reinvent the wheel by debating the merits of numbers on guitar knobs. 

Center Song:

Firewater – 3 Legged Dog

Bruce Hutcheon from Bitmo Modifications joins Pipes and PT to discuss modifying amps and effects, what’s next for Bitmo and how a public speaking engagement led to the creation of his company.  Check out Bitmo’s site

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