Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Episode 114: Spotlight of Fat Tone Guitars PT experiences Gibson Weekend at Dave’s Guitar Shop: Listener Chris wins some Bliss-picks simply by leaving a voicemail. You could be next! Call 206-203-3738 for your chance. PT reviews the Line 6 DL4. Is it worthy of the ample space it takes up on a pedalboard? Guitarist of the Week (selected by Joel): Luther Dickinson Guitar News: Where Have Guitar Solos Gone? IGN Ranks Punk’s Guitar Gods: Best Buy Gets Into the Game: National Fingerpicking Champ: Center Song: Sunblind by Jesse Dee Chicago-area shop Fat Tone Guitars are quickly making a name for themselves among guitarists out for unique gear and a personalized buying experience. Owner Phil chats with Pipes and PT about the shop, the gear he loves and much more. Nashville’s own Clint Searcy checks in with a review of the Electro-Harmonix POG. Discuss the episode on the forum:
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