Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Dave Martone returns to Six-String Bliss to discuss his new album, Parker guitars and online guitar lessons. Listen to the interview for some great conversation then check out the album for some of the best guitar playing around.
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Pipes and PT are sporting a shiny new theme song courtesy of This week they have TONS of guitar news, and lots of listener feedback.
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It's finally here: Stay Tuned, 6SB community's TV theme song cover album. The listening experience begins here, but don't forget to go to to download the album, read the liner notes and see the artwork. And hop on the forum and talk to the artists about their tracks!
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Nial McGaughey, President of Solid Cables, joins Pipes and PT to discuss what makes a great cable, the weak points in your signal path and what you can do about it. Plus Guitarist of the Week and tons of Guitar News!
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