Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT answer some listener e-mail and unveil the Six String Bliss forum. Keb Mo is this week's GOW, Stelios provides a listener submitted track, plus Guitar News Daily headlines, mystery riff, and holiday outro by Mark McGuigan.
Merry Blissmas everybody!
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In this episode we learn the truth about online tab and Pipes and PT discuss string changes and the finer points of shaving. Stelios treats us to his musical stylings, Clint offers up this week's mystery riff, and Pipes plays us out with a beautiful Christmas song.
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We're halfway through the lost episodes with Pipes and PT! Listen to the new opening track by Lyden Moon, learn about guitar hygiene, and hear Pipes, PT, Clint, and Alicia's picks for Top 5 Guitar Movies. The outro comes to us courtesy of Clint - and stick around til the end for a few bloopers!
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Pipes and PT discuss sound cards, introduce a DIY segment, and name their top 5 underrated guitarists. Clint and Alicia pay tribute to PT's number one underrated axeman - and the end of the show is all about girl power!
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Pipes and PT discuss traveling with your guitar, Christmas gift-buying guide for guitarists, and their top 5 Christmas Albums. The holiday-themed outros are kicked off by a song from one of our hosts!
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Let there be rock! Pipes and PT talk with Doug Marks in the Bliss' inaugural interview and acknowledge GOW Heavy Metal God Tony Iommi. Clint and Alicia remember Ed's Guitars and JMan plays us out Rammstein style!
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Pipes and PT discuss their favorite guitar shops, play twenty questions, and give a nod to GOW Mark Knopfler in this Retro Zone Episode. Stay tuned until the end to hear a new outro track courtesy of Dave Macleod!
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What?!?! Is this 2009 or 2005?

It's the re-release of episode 1 of Six-String Bliss, hosted by Clint Searcy.   Listen in and bliss out on the nostalgia!   

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Episode 169: Scales Of Horror! The moment you all have waited for is here! The release of the 4th Six String Bliss Album, Scales Of Horror! We give you a look at each fabulous track on the album as well as give you some of our final thoughts before we take our break.
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Episode 168: The Birth of a Bliss Nation Pipes and PT chat about guitar, delve into the news and reveal more about the future of the Bliss. Pipes loses a phone and digs through the trash. PT pays to play. Guitar News from Rontrose leaves the Supersuckers! Sir Paul does some charity. The Crue releases their Greatest Hits. Finally! Zakk to play wrassling show. Keith Urban rocks the live guitar lesson. Pipes and PT give more info on their hiatus, the upcoming Halloween album and how you can help the boys Bliss On. Discuss the episode on the forum or email us at
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Pipes and PT take a look at Gibson’s new Strat, some bizarre guitar crime and a shocking announcement about the future of the Bliss.
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Pipes and PT tackle the topic of Guitar Shops that put on events to draw in shoppers. The boys discuss what they’ve seen, heard about and what we would like to see. It’s a meaty discussion that gets into the philosophies behind guitar shops. Plus, guitar news!
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Episode 165: Mailbag! The boys question the greater meaning of Labor Day and dig into the mailbag to share some listener feedback. Plus, guitar news, a double-shot of guitarist of the week and more! The first Reviews for Vets auction is up on eBay for the Peterson StroboStomp 2. Check it out! PT and Pipes give a shout out to the great music podcast, Nafarious Bovie Radio. Pipes and PT dig into the mailbag… A great email from a German guitar podcast. A listener email fueled guitar news controversy! A mysterious bonus feature on Freaky Friday… Guitar News from Robert Cray Gets a Computer Vai gets a Degree Smashed Guitar Leads to Charity Guitar Crime from Ireland The Halloween Album deadline is looming, so get those submissions in! Deadline Midnight, October 17th, 2009. Guitarist(s) of the Week: J.D. Cronise and Kyle Shutt of The Sword Bliss Army track is by Nashville’s own Clint Searcy… Godzilla! Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at
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Episode 164: Reviews for Vets, and other Adventures Pipes and PT, along with Petersen Tuners, present a new segment that could help you get some cool gear and help a great cause. Plus the boys dissect their recent gig with Wednesday Heroes at a Chicago street festival. Pipes, PT and special guest Greg send in a field report from a live gig at a Chicago street fest. The gig was a blast and some video can be found at: PT tries to lure Pipes into the world of fantasy football… Guitar News from Oasis guitar smashing drama! Free Les Paul download. Bad, bad buskers… Guitar ensemble record broken… again. Slash could have a new guitar student. Aerosmith questions their future. Pipes and PT present a new segment that could help you get some cool gear and help a great cause. In this first installment of Reviews for Vets, Pipes reviews a review of the Peterson Strobostomp 2.0. The Bliss Army outro track is a moving rendition of Jane Says by Snoozy and Monk. Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 206-203-3738.
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Episode 163: Interview with Steve Vai!
Steve Vai stops by for a discussion of his upcoming live DVD, Where the Wild Things Are.  Plus Pipes and PT discuss the virtues of a great live album, internet radio and the biggest guitar news story of the year.
Steve Vai stops by for a discussion of his upcoming live DVD, Where the Wild Things Are.
Check out and be sure to pick up Where the Wild Things Are when it drops on September 29th!

Pipes and PT discuss the merits of a great live album.

Pipes and PT will be playing live at Evil Squirrel comics in Chicago on August 22nd with the band Wednesday Heroes.  Come check them out and heckle.

Guitar News from
There is only one guitar news story this week
RIP Les Paul.  You will be missed.
Pipes and PT compete on Twitter. Follow us at
Pipes debates the merits of internet radio.
Pandora vs. Slacker, decide for yourself:

The documentary ‘It Might Get Loud’ hits limited screens to positive reviews.

Bliss Army song: My Wasted Youth by My Sister’s Diary
Check out their album, “My Wasted Youth” available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 206-203-3738.

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Episode 162: Glad to Be Here Pipes, PT and special guest Larry dissect Ron Bumblefoot Thal’s 2008 album Abnormal. Guitar News from Cobain Statue Ignites Controversy. Van Smashed into Guitar Repair Shop. Guitars in Hotel Rooms! Pipes and PT share some tips for picking up gear at a great price. Being flexible and open to new companies and sounds is key! Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 206-203-3738.
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Clint and Alicia Searcy 'jack the Bliss for this special Summer NAMM 2009 "House of Zog South" episode. Get a feel for what it's like at Music City's version of NAMM, including literally bumping into this week's GoW!
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Pipes and PT discuss recent developments in life and how their guitar playing has been affected. Plus, GoW Zakk Wylde.
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Could you learn a new genre of guitar in two weeks? If you had to, how would you go about learning a completely new style? Pipes and PT lay down some tips for picking up a new genre.
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Would you rather be in a good band you can’t stand or a crummy band you love? If you found a winning group, would you comprise your vision or split over creative differences? Pipes and PT take a look at these and other quandaries that face those who attempt to survive in band.
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Greg Kot, host of the radio show Sound Opinions and music critic for the Chicago Tribune, joins us to discuss innovation, the future of the musician and his book Ripped.
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Mike Gallagher of the metal band Isis comes on the Bliss to discuss touring, his new album and writing great metal.
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Pipes and PT celebrate Four String Bliss with legendary bassist Les Claypool. Les talks about his new album, his instruments and Sir George Martin.
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Pipes and PT celebrate Four String Bliss with legendary bassist Les Claypool. Les talks about his new album, his instruments and Sir George Martin.
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The boys dissect PT’s recent live playing experience and they tackle the classic AC/DC album, Let There Be Rock!
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When is an album more than just a collection of songs? When it’s a concept album! Pipes and PT countdown their top 5 concept albums. Plus, a Flanger review, and new JMan track and much more!
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Danelectros are fascinating guitars. From the Amp Cases to the Longhorns, it’s hard not to love these vintage jems. Author Doug Tulloch joins Pipes and PT to discuss all things Dano and talk about his book on the subject, Neptune Bound.
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Pipes and PT celebrate the completion of 150 episodes by hosting an interview with themselves! Pappy of the Fifth Fret blog hosts the interview. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about these guys.
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It has been 150 episodes and we have covered many topics. In an effort to one up ourselves, we cover 150 things in one episode.
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Steve Benford joins Pipes and PT to discuss scale length, Guitars For Vets and what’s new in the world of Benford guitars.
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From King Crimson to the Bears to the Adrian Belew Trio, few men have expanded the sonic boundries of the guitar as much as Adrian Belew. He stops by the Bliss to talk about experimentation, Nine Inch Nails and his new Parker Fly.
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Is your gear safe? And what will you do if it is stolen? Bryan from stops by to talk about his site, his philosophy and protecting your gear. Plus Six-String Bliss is proud to launch our sister-site,
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It’s album of the month time! This time Pipes and PT take on listener Chris’s suggestion of Van Halen’s Fair Warning. Plus, tons of listener email and guitar news!
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Pipes sinks his teeth into the Satellite Atom in House of Zog Studios East. Check out his take on the amp, then check out the amp yourself at
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Supersuckers guitarist Rontrose stops by to talk amps, touring and the new album. You do not want to miss this one!
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In honor of the release of Big Screen Bliss, Pipes and PT review two guitar documentaries Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized the World and Solidbodies: The 50 Year Guitar War. Plus, a pedal review, guitar news and more!

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The tracks are in, and it is time to hear what your fellow listeners have put together for the next great Six-String Bliss album, Big Screen Bliss. So turn your home theaters up to eleven, because it is time to go to the movies.
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Tim and Erik of the Midwest metal band Orwell stop by to talk about playing hard, writing music and how to help yourself get a second gig at any venue. If you like your metal heavy, you’ll want to hear what the boys from Orwell have say.
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Pipes and PT have a conversation with Adam, owner and designer of Satellite Amps. Find out why the west coast is buzzing over these surprisingly affordable tone machines. Clint Searcy checks in with some deep thoughts on tone. And he knows tone! Guitar News: Vague guitar theft: Who leaked U2’s album? Who do you think? Apple wants to give you guitar lessons: Wanna jam with Derek Trucks? Homeless guitarist sparks Pipes’ imagination: PT stresses about his Big Screen Bliss song. Pipes stresses about Hulu. GoW: Bill Frisell (selected by Snoozy)
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Once you’ve heard his music or seen him live, you will never think of a Dobro the same way again. Pipes sits down backstage with the force of nature that is Eric Sardinas. Plus, guitar news, GoW and another listener submitted lesson!
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Call it gear lust or call it GAS. Every guitarist has experienced that urgent need for a new piece of gear. But why do we love gear so much? And is it healthy? Plus, GoW, Guitar News and a lesson!
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Ernest McLean has played on essential Jazz, Swing and Rock and Roll records. Now he spends his day playing for visitors to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Each day, hundreds hear his music without realizing they are listening to a founding father of rock and roll. We sat down with him to bring you his story.
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Pipes and PT are back from NAMM, and they’ve brought audio! An interview with Dean Zelinsky, a Steve Vai press conference and corrections, corrections, corrections!
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The final day of NAMM has arrived and Pipes, PT and Snoozy sit down at the roundtable one last time to deliver their Best in Show awards. Listen in to learn about the gear you will be lusting after in 2009.
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The sweetness of NAMM continues. Snoozy, PT and Pipes explore the booths of Carr, Taylor, Gibson, XOX, DBZ and much more.
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Pipes, PT and special correspondent Snoozy lay it down in a raw, low-fi and unedited roundtable on their thoughts on the first day of NAMM. Find out the lastest from Orange, Saint Blues, Peavey and much more.
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The NAMM 2009 show is one of the highlights of the Bliss year and an event every gear-loving guitarist needs to pay attention to. Pipes and PT take a look at what they are excited about at the show and what you have to look forward to in 6SB coverage.
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PT and Pipes countdown their top 5 albums of the last year! If you are looking for some great music, or just want to see if your favorites made the list, listen on, dear Blistener.
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