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Pipes and PT are back from NAMM, and they’ve brought audio! An interview with Dean Zelinsky, a Steve Vai press conference and corrections, corrections, corrections!
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The final day of NAMM has arrived and Pipes, PT and Snoozy sit down at the roundtable one last time to deliver their Best in Show awards. Listen in to learn about the gear you will be lusting after in 2009.
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The sweetness of NAMM continues. Snoozy, PT and Pipes explore the booths of Carr, Taylor, Gibson, XOX, DBZ and much more.
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Pipes, PT and special correspondent Snoozy lay it down in a raw, low-fi and unedited roundtable on their thoughts on the first day of NAMM. Find out the lastest from Orange, Saint Blues, Peavey and much more.
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The NAMM 2009 show is one of the highlights of the Bliss year and an event every gear-loving guitarist needs to pay attention to. Pipes and PT take a look at what they are excited about at the show and what you have to look forward to in 6SB coverage.
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PT and Pipes countdown their top 5 albums of the last year! If you are looking for some great music, or just want to see if your favorites made the list, listen on, dear Blistener.
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