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Pipes sinks his teeth into the Satellite Atom in House of Zog Studios East. Check out his take on the amp, then check out the amp yourself at
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Supersuckers guitarist Rontrose stops by to talk amps, touring and the new album. You do not want to miss this one!
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In honor of the release of Big Screen Bliss, Pipes and PT review two guitar documentaries Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized the World and Solidbodies: The 50 Year Guitar War. Plus, a pedal review, guitar news and more!

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The tracks are in, and it is time to hear what your fellow listeners have put together for the next great Six-String Bliss album, Big Screen Bliss. So turn your home theaters up to eleven, because it is time to go to the movies.
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Tim and Erik of the Midwest metal band Orwell stop by to talk about playing hard, writing music and how to help yourself get a second gig at any venue. If you like your metal heavy, you’ll want to hear what the boys from Orwell have say.
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