Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Steve Benford joins Pipes and PT to discuss scale length, Guitars For Vets and what’s new in the world of Benford guitars.
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From King Crimson to the Bears to the Adrian Belew Trio, few men have expanded the sonic boundries of the guitar as much as Adrian Belew. He stops by the Bliss to talk about experimentation, Nine Inch Nails and his new Parker Fly.
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Is your gear safe? And what will you do if it is stolen? Bryan from stops by to talk about his site, his philosophy and protecting your gear. Plus Six-String Bliss is proud to launch our sister-site,
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It’s album of the month time! This time Pipes and PT take on listener Chris’s suggestion of Van Halen’s Fair Warning. Plus, tons of listener email and guitar news!
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