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Episode 169: Scales Of Horror! The moment you all have waited for is here! The release of the 4th Six String Bliss Album, Scales Of Horror! We give you a look at each fabulous track on the album as well as give you some of our final thoughts before we take our break.
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Episode 168: The Birth of a Bliss Nation Pipes and PT chat about guitar, delve into the news and reveal more about the future of the Bliss. Pipes loses a phone and digs through the trash. PT pays to play. Guitar News from Rontrose leaves the Supersuckers! Sir Paul does some charity. The Crue releases their Greatest Hits. Finally! Zakk to play wrassling show. Keith Urban rocks the live guitar lesson. Pipes and PT give more info on their hiatus, the upcoming Halloween album and how you can help the boys Bliss On. Discuss the episode on the forum or email us at
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Pipes and PT take a look at Gibson’s new Strat, some bizarre guitar crime and a shocking announcement about the future of the Bliss.
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