Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT discuss sound cards, introduce a DIY segment, and name their top 5 underrated guitarists. Clint and Alicia pay tribute to PT's number one underrated axeman - and the end of the show is all about girl power!
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Pipes and PT discuss traveling with your guitar, Christmas gift-buying guide for guitarists, and their top 5 Christmas Albums. The holiday-themed outros are kicked off by a song from one of our hosts!
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Let there be rock! Pipes and PT talk with Doug Marks in the Bliss' inaugural interview and acknowledge GOW Heavy Metal God Tony Iommi. Clint and Alicia remember Ed's Guitars and JMan plays us out Rammstein style!
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Pipes and PT discuss their favorite guitar shops, play twenty questions, and give a nod to GOW Mark Knopfler in this Retro Zone Episode. Stay tuned until the end to hear a new outro track courtesy of Dave Macleod!
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What?!?! Is this 2009 or 2005?

It's the re-release of episode 1 of Six-String Bliss, hosted by Clint Searcy.   Listen in and bliss out on the nostalgia!   

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