Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Episode 178: Under the Influence

All three guys are here to count down their top 5 personally most influential guitar albums.  Plus, the final segment of the Amplitube 3 review.

Pipes realizes why people listen to the Bliss.

Pappy is the ‘hot host’.

PT hearts the Guitar Shop Podcast.

In part 3 of the Amplitube 3 review, PT takes a look at the layout and presets and gives his final thoughts on this product.

Pipes, Pappy and PT countdown the five albums that they feel were the most personally influential in their development as musicians.

Guitar News presented by

Dave Grohl hospitalized by coffee overdose.

John 5 to release new album.

Fender releases new Standard American Stratocaster.

GoW: Francis Rossi of Status Quo

Bliss Army Track:

Profiteering by Clint Searcy! 


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Episode 177: The PT/Pappy Combo

In this episode, our new host makes his sophomore appearance alongside PT.  Pappy brings with him a review of the Garage Band Artist Lessons.    Plus guitar news, GoW, Retro Rag and the winner of the Voicemail Jingle contest is revealed. 

PT puts Pappy through the ringer with another set of questions.

Pappy takes look at a cool perk in his new Mac… Garage Band Artist Lessons.

Guitar News presented by

Tele Twitter

iPhone Midi Fun

PT takes us back to August 1996 for this week’s Retro Rag. 

The winner of the Voicemail Jingle Contest is announced!  Congrats!

Joe Geek leaves a nice email.

GoW: Jason Mraz

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Episode 176: Pipes and Who?!?

PT takes off for sunny Florida to miss one week and Pipes goes out and finds a new co-host. We are not talking a one episode deal either, a full-fledged new Bliss co-host! Together this mystery man and Pipes take some time to help out one of the guitar worlds biggest CEO's. Don't worry PT does stop by to bring you the awaited Part 2 of his Amplitube 3 Review.

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Episode 175: Amplitube 3 Review!

Amplitube 3 is here and we couldn’t be any more excited.  This week, PT takes a look at the amps of Amplitube 3.  Plus, listener feedback, Guitar News and Guitarist of the Week.

Amplitube 3 review.  Is it aces or a waste of disk space?  Find out here!

Chris continues the tone discussion.

A nice email from a John Mayer fan. 

Guitar News presented by

Gibson releases iPhone app.

Prince’s new song on PT’s favorite radio station.

Feedback on last week’s guitar talk. 

Gow: Vince Gill

Bliss Army Outro

Doll’s House 2 by Matt Stevens

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Episode 174: Guitar Profiling

Snap judgements based on a guitarist’s gear.  We all make them.  No use denying it, so let’s tackle it head on!  Plus Clint Searcy reviews the MRX Blue Box fuzz pedal!

Pipes is ‘between jobs. 

PT discovers Tape Op magazine.

Pipes and PT taking about judging a guitarist by their gear.  What do you think you are going to hear when a guitarist pulls out a certain guitar?  Or what gear would make you cringe?  It’s time to get un-politically correct and bare our gear-biased souls!

Alfie’s guitar pedals get taught to impressionable youth in the US.

Clint Searcy is back with another one of his awesome reviews!!!  This time, he plays homage to the year of the fuzz by reviewing the MXR Blue Box.

Guitar News presented by

Moody’s Lower Gibson’s Rating

The Disposable Guitar?!?

Pipes digs into the depths of his bathroom bookshelf for another installment of Retro Rags.

Guitarist of the Week:

John Mayer

Bliss Army Track:

Crazy by Joe Fry

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