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Episode 188: Interview with Peter Solomon of XOX Audio Tools


Pappy gets a new amp.

PT has a bad gig.

Larry presents Boutique Bliss, a new segment tackling cutting edge guitars and guitar builders.  This time he interviews Peter Solomon of XOX Audio Tools.



Guitar News from

Jeff Beck Finishes Album with Three Fingers.

Dio’s Funeral Picketed.

The Bliss Releases an Album.


Pappy hates Strats and has a cute daughter.


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It’s time for What the Fuzz, a Six-String Bliss album dedicated to this year’s favorite effect.  Join PT, Clint and Alicia Searcy and the Six-String Bliss community for a tour of the tunes, and then head over to to download the album in all its glory!

  1. Alfie Llanos - I'm Talk'n Bout Fuzz
  2. Jan Buchholz - Love Trap
  3. Dave Macloud - Dream a little Dream of me
  4. Larry Smith & Tim Risher - Ambient X
  5. Ryjanik Kayducon - The Truth Comes From the Fuzz
  6. PT Hylton - On and on
  7. Jacques Doucette - Fuzzy Logic
  8. Steve Benford - Organized Grime
  9. Scott Frien - Fuzz Squad
  10. Rubbish - Only happy when it rains

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Episode 186: Going Crazy!


Pipes lives out his roadie dreams. 

PT heads to Nashville.

Pappy heads to Indiana.

Guitarist of the Week: Brett McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords

Pipes wants to see how you Bliss.

PT drops off the episode and Pappy and Pipes proceed to make fun of his hobbies.

Pipes has a book to not recommend.

Guitar technology amazes Pappy.

Pappy has a short review of the ProTone Monster Fuzz.

Pipes digs out a Retro Rag with the February 1997 Guitar School.

This week in guitar news from

RIP Ronnie James Dio

A Bird, A Fight, A Broken Guitar

Bliss Army Track of the Week:

Crazy by Joe Fry


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The Bliss family needs your help!  Cruise over the and click the Donate button to help our friends, the Searcys in their floor relief efforts. 


Plus, PT has a guitar story about the Brutal Honesty of recording.

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Episode 184: Interview with Tavo Vega

Pappy and Pipes review the Tavo Vega Brain Seltzer Nocturne and then the guys interview Tavo himself! Plus PT joins in for plenty of old school Six String Bliss!

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