Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

It’s time for What the Fuzz, a Six-String Bliss album dedicated to this year’s favorite effect.  Join PT, Clint and Alicia Searcy and the Six-String Bliss community for a tour of the tunes, and then head over to to download the album in all its glory!

  1. Alfie Llanos - I'm Talk'n Bout Fuzz
  2. Jan Buchholz - Love Trap
  3. Dave Macloud - Dream a little Dream of me
  4. Larry Smith & Tim Risher - Ambient X
  5. Ryjanik Kayducon - The Truth Comes From the Fuzz
  6. PT Hylton - On and on
  7. Jacques Doucette - Fuzzy Logic
  8. Steve Benford - Organized Grime
  9. Scott Frien - Fuzz Squad
  10. Rubbish - Only happy when it rains

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