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Pipes reviews the Rocktron Guitar Silencer pedal plus Pipes and PT tackle the Grateful Dead!.

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Pappy takes a look at an interesting and original pedal design, the VOD pedal from Gig-FX at  Complete with soundclips! Plus Pipes may be a Cylon.

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PT plays a song, Pappy reviews a DVD about Sun Records and Pipes loves the Guitarist of the Week, all on this eclectic episode of Six-String Bliss.

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PT reviews the recently re-tooled Budwah from Budda Amplification. Plus Psychobilly, sound clips and more!

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PT gives Pipes a blind taste test of Elixir Cables vs some other cables to hear whether Pipes can tell the difference.  Put your own ears to the test to see what you think!  Plus Retro Rags and a Guitar News Weekly Update.

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