Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Pipes, Pappy, PT and Alicia each select some tracks from the Six-String Bliss albums and play them to brighten up your holidays. Check out these sweet tracks!

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Pipes reviews the 'guitar dictionary on steriods', Guy's Grids.  Check out this cool new book and how it influenced the way Pipes thinks about guitar playing.  Plus journalist Craig Havighurst sits joins down with PT to discuss his article from the December 2010 issue of Premier Guitar magazine, 'Shape of Things'. Craig discusses the history of the legal battles around guitar shapes and what it means for the future of guitar.

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Musician and record producer John Kurzweg sits down to discuss working with Creed, home recording and what to look for in a producer. Plus, Guitarist of the Week Doc Watson!

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PT interviews Gig-FX founder and CEO Jeff Purchon about pedals, Peter Frampton and True Bypass. Plus a Naked Raygun GoW and much more!

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