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The boys bid a belated goodbye to the year of the fuzz will Pipes' review of the 8-Bit Fuzz from

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Pappy review the Orange TH30 amp and a Parker Fly guitar.  Plus a GoW who really knows how to downstroke.  

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Sponsored by Chicago Music Exchage.  Check them out

Pipes plays more acoustic and PT goes old school Blues.

PT wants to sing Australian and PT’s dog hates Pipes.

GoW: Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet

Pipes needs a time machine.

PT reviews the Amplitube Amp for iPad.  Can any good music come from this tablet thingie?  Find out here!

Pipes, PT and Pappy all share what they are excited about at the upcoming NAMM Show.  It’s time to get psyched for new gear!

Bliss Army Outro Track of the Week: Cuan XVII by Dual Sound

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Pipes, Pappy and PT countdown their top 5 albums of the 2010.  Find out what made the list!
Plus, the guys then hand out the first annual Stainless Steel Bliss Stack Awards.

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