Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

 In this episode, Pipes and PT review the Strymon Brigadier delay pedal and the Riffstation software. Plus, tons of guitar talk!

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Larry Fishman talks about his musical journey and his 30 plus years of  amazing contributions to the guitar world. Plus, guitar and fitness talk with Pipes and PT.

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An interview with Vinnie Smith of V-Picks. Plus, Pipes and PT talk dream concerts, dream gear, and drastic gear moves.

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In this episode, fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Don Alder sits down for an interview and an mini lesson with the Bliss. Plus, has Pipes discovered the future of guitar?  It's three episode October, right here on Six-String Bliss!

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In this episode, PT interviews fingerstyle guitarist Richard Gilewitz, and the boys discuss the 25th anniversary of a classic album.

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Episode 258: Interview with Joe Matera, Barter Paupers, and an Angry Review

In this episode, PT sits down with Australian guitarist Joe Matera, Pipes proposes a gentleman's competition, and PT has a bone to pick with the Internet.

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It's PT versus the best surf guitar lesson videos and websites on the Internet.

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PT gives a rundown of some of the best free Gypsy Jazz guitar resources running amuck on the Internet. It's Bliss On... Gypsy Jazz.

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Episode 258: 1987 Album Project

Go back in time with hosts Clint and Alicia Searcy as they bring you Six String Bliss' latest album project. With 13 covers by fellow Blissners of songs that were originally released in 1987 this is the community's strongest album yet. Enjoy the 2+ hours of music, commentary and a fond farewell finale.

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Jan Carlo DeFan of the band ELAN sits down to discuss guitar, being an A&R rep for Warner Bros. Records, taking advice from bass players, and much, much more. Plus, a review of the Taylor GS Mini, and the greatest super group of all time.

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The guys discuss their dream gear, string etiquette, Ronnie Montrose and so much more!

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It's all the best moments from Pappy's two years with the Bliss. We will miss you, sir!

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Whether it is a pedal, a pedalboard, or a song, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get from building your own. The guys discuss this and so much more.

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Pipes and PT talk NAMM, wedding rings, lost picks and put-down songs. Bliss off!

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Hosted by Clint Searcy, In The Meantime is intended to be an interim show released in between regular Six String Bliss Episodes. Instead of a long conversation between friends about guitars In The Meantime will be short segments that revolve largely around the Six String Bliss community that has been established over the last six years.

The pilot episode includes an interview with Eric Sardinas and the very first "This Guitar" segment featuring a key member of the Bliss. The outro reaches back into the BlissStock live audio and is a real treat.

If the concept is well liked there are plans to release an episode every month; enjoy!

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