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Alife and Rhod rundown the first half of the Six-String Bliss Community album: The Seventies Album: Dark Side... of the Bliss

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The Blues have been a lot of places. The Delta. Chicago. Memphis. And now, Six-String Bliss! Join us for the Six-String Bliss Community album, The Blues Album!

Check back on Monday, October 7th to download the complete album for free right here on Six-String Bliss.

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In this episode we have a guitar story, a book review, a quick-fire list of topics, and an important annoucement.

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Chris Sherland sits down to discuss his new book 'Lead Guitar from the Inside Out' and his innovative teaching philosophy. Plus, Pipes talks picks.

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Pipes and PT interview Skinny Jim Rotramel on his new album, life on the road, and what it's like to record with Eddie Spaghetti.

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Gavin Downie sits down with Red Witch Pedals head honcho Ben Fulton for a fascinating discussion on tone, rechargeable pedals, and the happy accidents that lead to great guitar pedals. Plus, Pipes and PT give their thoughts on essential effects pedals for beginners.

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Special guest correspondent Erik interviews a plethora of noteworthy gear makers at the NAMM show. Listen up for interviews and demos with Mojo Hand FXCaroline Guitar CompanyGittler InstrumentsChromatikFour ForceCrystal FretsCusack MusicDC VoltageMilbert AmplifersEC Pedal, and Electro-Harmonix.

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Special guest correspondent Erik interviews a plethora of noteworthy gear makers at the NAMM show. Listen up for interviews and demos with Z.VEXBartolini PickupsVoodoo LabTremKingBig Joe's Stompbox CompanyRock Tips, Plek, and Guitar Defender.

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Pipes and PT play dj, bringing you the 10th Six-String Bliss album, Driven to Bliss!  Hear the album first right here, then download the album from It will be available for free at midnight on late Tuesday, 1/15/13.

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 In this episode, Pipes and PT review the Strymon Brigadier delay pedal and the Riffstation software. Plus, tons of guitar talk!

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Larry Fishman talks about his musical journey and his 30 plus years of  amazing contributions to the guitar world. Plus, guitar and fitness talk with Pipes and PT.

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An interview with Vinnie Smith of V-Picks. Plus, Pipes and PT talk dream concerts, dream gear, and drastic gear moves.

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In this episode, fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Don Alder sits down for an interview and an mini lesson with the Bliss. Plus, has Pipes discovered the future of guitar?  It's three episode October, right here on Six-String Bliss!

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In this episode, PT interviews fingerstyle guitarist Richard Gilewitz, and the boys discuss the 25th anniversary of a classic album.

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Episode 258: Interview with Joe Matera, Barter Paupers, and an Angry Review

In this episode, PT sits down with Australian guitarist Joe Matera, Pipes proposes a gentleman's competition, and PT has a bone to pick with the Internet.

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It's PT versus the best surf guitar lesson videos and websites on the Internet.

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PT gives a rundown of some of the best free Gypsy Jazz guitar resources running amuck on the Internet. It's Bliss On... Gypsy Jazz.

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Episode 258: 1987 Album Project

Go back in time with hosts Clint and Alicia Searcy as they bring you Six String Bliss' latest album project. With 13 covers by fellow Blissners of songs that were originally released in 1987 this is the community's strongest album yet. Enjoy the 2+ hours of music, commentary and a fond farewell finale.

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Jan Carlo DeFan of the band ELAN sits down to discuss guitar, being an A&R rep for Warner Bros. Records, taking advice from bass players, and much, much more. Plus, a review of the Taylor GS Mini, and the greatest super group of all time.

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The guys discuss their dream gear, string etiquette, Ronnie Montrose and so much more!

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It's all the best moments from Pappy's two years with the Bliss. We will miss you, sir!

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Whether it is a pedal, a pedalboard, or a song, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get from building your own. The guys discuss this and so much more.

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Pipes and PT talk NAMM, wedding rings, lost picks and put-down songs. Bliss off!

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Your Bliss Army General Alicia Searcy announces the theme for album #9 based on the Six String Bliss FaceBook poll votes and plays several songs for the Guilty Pleasures album that didn't quite make the deadline.

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Pappy, PT and Pipes rundown their top albums and top gear of the year.
See what made our list! Plus, the General announces the nominated themes for the next Bliss album. 
Come vote on Facebook.
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Episode 251: Guilty Pleasures Album

It's that time again! Six String Bliss presents the Guilty Pleasures album project. Featuring songs covered by fellow Blissners that, in some way, make them feel "guilty" to admit they enjoy listening to. Your Bliss Army General Alicia Searcy and Clint Searcy guide you through 13 songs - some of which are sure to raise a few eyebrows. Be sure you listen all the way through to hear a some very special announcements at the end of the show!

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PT and Pappy review Reason 6 and Amplitube Fender. Plus, a review of the TC Electronic G-Major 2 by Alfie!

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Pipes, PT and Pappy discuss collaboration (with a little help from their friends). We've got a Mod Kits DIY amp review, a Parker Fly review, a review of the Podcaster guitar and a special segment on the Bliss community collaboration, "Hey You".

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In this surprise event-themed episode, PT, Clint Searcy, and Matt and Derrick from Gear for Guitar discuss the Nashville Amp Expo. Plus reviews of the Taylor Find Your Fit event, the Taylor 616ce and the Taylor 12-Fret CE. 

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Pipes, PT and Pappy are back with a whole bunch of their friends! This month, the guys take a look at some of the best stuff under fifty bucks, including the Boss DS-1, Blue Chip Picks, the Jake Blade, Smokey Amps and more!

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A wah review, a ton of great wah tips, a wah-tastic outro track and a funkadelic GoW. Plus an announcement about the future of the Bliss. This one is jam-packed!

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There is nothing more fun than shopping for a new guitar, even it is a theoretical experience. Pappy leads Pipes and PT through the wilds of selecting a Gretsch guitar, including talk of features, models and calling a dealer for a price quote.

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Pipes visits the south, PT and Pipes visit a defunct guitar museum and all three guys discuss the guitar museum of their dreams.

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PT and Pappy discuss guitar magazines, gear news, a review of Doyle Dykes's book and much more!

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Pappy and PT discuss some cool gear news and play a listener submitted acoustic amp review.

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Pipes and PT share clips from Blisstock.  Hear the good times and the guitar talk, including Clint Searcy's Blisstock pickup winding demo.

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Recorded live from Blisstock 2011! Join the guys and tons of great guests as they discuss their dream guitar companies and try to lure potential sponsors. Plus, a live outro track, and the guys give away a book, three pedals, an amp and a guitar!

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He's one of the finest blues-rock guitarists of all time, and he's here to talk guitar! 'Nuff said!

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It's the final installment of the British Are Coming! As Pipes would say, dig it!

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It's volume two of the epic Bliss album The British Are Coming! Clint and Alicia hit us with the album track by track!

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It's the Bliss community album, The British Are Coming Volume 1!

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Pipes and PT lay down a quick one, just taking some time to discuss the Blisstock itinerary and a GoW Pipes loves.

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Pappy reviews Amplitube 3.5 and their brand spanking new Custom Shop a la carte option and the book Guitar Lessons by Bob Taylor. Let's all check it out!

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The guys wonder how much of guitar care should be done by a guitarist themselves? Are you less of a guitarist if you don't change your own strings?  Plus Pipes needs a semi-major guitar repair. Should he attempt it himself?

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The joys of Drop D tuning, plus Pipes gives away a Morley Wah pedal!

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The guys discuss guitar news, Batman and a GoW who is all about the swamp blues.

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Pipes reviews the Mini Morley Wah pedal. Plus, he wants you to review it. Find out how you can get your hands on this pedal AND get your review of it on Six-String Bliss.

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Pappy reviews a cable from Armor, Pipes becomes a housewife and the boys get down low with the Guitarist of the Week.

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Pipes and PT countdown their top 4 favorite weird guitars by major manufacturers. Plus a Guitarist of the Week, revisited and Pipes and PT fight about the merits of the straplock.

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PT talks to the developer of the new guitar learning app, Rock Prodigy. Plus, this week's album picks and another Tech Talk segment.

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Pappy reviews the Normandy Archtop Guitar and the Pick Punch. Plus, Pipes shows the love for a lesser known British punk outfit.

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PT and Pappy share their signature sounds. Plus they open the phone lines and talk to some Blisteners.

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It's the pedalboard episode! Pipes reviews a Leprechaun Pedalboard, PT reviews the Sanyo Pedal Juice and the guys cover a guitarist of the week who uses a ton of fuzz and reverb.

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The boys bid a belated goodbye to the year of the fuzz will Pipes' review of the 8-Bit Fuzz from

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Pappy review the Orange TH30 amp and a Parker Fly guitar.  Plus a GoW who really knows how to downstroke.  

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Sponsored by Chicago Music Exchage.  Check them out

Pipes plays more acoustic and PT goes old school Blues.

PT wants to sing Australian and PT’s dog hates Pipes.

GoW: Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet

Pipes needs a time machine.

PT reviews the Amplitube Amp for iPad.  Can any good music come from this tablet thingie?  Find out here!

Pipes, PT and Pappy all share what they are excited about at the upcoming NAMM Show.  It’s time to get psyched for new gear!

Bliss Army Outro Track of the Week: Cuan XVII by Dual Sound

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749.

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Pipes, Pappy and PT countdown their top 5 albums of the 2010.  Find out what made the list!
Plus, the guys then hand out the first annual Stainless Steel Bliss Stack Awards.

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Pipes, Pappy, PT and Alicia each select some tracks from the Six-String Bliss albums and play them to brighten up your holidays. Check out these sweet tracks!

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Pipes reviews the 'guitar dictionary on steriods', Guy's Grids.  Check out this cool new book and how it influenced the way Pipes thinks about guitar playing.  Plus journalist Craig Havighurst sits joins down with PT to discuss his article from the December 2010 issue of Premier Guitar magazine, 'Shape of Things'. Craig discusses the history of the legal battles around guitar shapes and what it means for the future of guitar.

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Musician and record producer John Kurzweg sits down to discuss working with Creed, home recording and what to look for in a producer. Plus, Guitarist of the Week Doc Watson!

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PT interviews Gig-FX founder and CEO Jeff Purchon about pedals, Peter Frampton and True Bypass. Plus a Naked Raygun GoW and much more!

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Pipes reviews the Rocktron Guitar Silencer pedal plus Pipes and PT tackle the Grateful Dead!.

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Pappy takes a look at an interesting and original pedal design, the VOD pedal from Gig-FX at  Complete with soundclips! Plus Pipes may be a Cylon.

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PT plays a song, Pappy reviews a DVD about Sun Records and Pipes loves the Guitarist of the Week, all on this eclectic episode of Six-String Bliss.

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PT reviews the recently re-tooled Budwah from Budda Amplification. Plus Psychobilly, sound clips and more!

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PT gives Pipes a blind taste test of Elixir Cables vs some other cables to hear whether Pipes can tell the difference.  Put your own ears to the test to see what you think!  Plus Retro Rags and a Guitar News Weekly Update.

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What do we do when our favorite bands change direction? Do we dare to follow?  Can a band change direction without leaving their fans behind?  The boys discuss.  Plus, Tad Kubler as GoW!

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Pipes ponders whether he might in fact be The Man, the boys get a dispatch from Pappy and get a little freaky with the GoW.

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PT’s on the road.

Pipes is busy paying for his amp.

But where is Pappy?  Tim from Milwaukee knew… do you?

Pipes ponders his perpetual GAS.

The guys discuss wearing guitar shirts.

Pipes and PT hit to share some of the best guitar stories from the last month or so.  Be sure to check out to stay up to date on all your guitar news.

GoW: John Petrucci

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749.

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Pipes, PT and Pappy (virtually) count down their top five simple riffs. See if your favorites made the cut and send us your list!

This episode is sponsored by Dave's Guitar Shop. Check them out at

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The survey on has had quite the results.

Pipes hearts wrestling.  

PT works on his track for the next Six-String Bliss album.

Matt Stevens is a guitarist who has gotten a ton of internet buzz over the lost couple years with his great albums Echo and Ghost.  He talks to PT about looping, guitar playing and the new album in the works.

Be sure to check out his site: and pick up the albums!

PT's Pick: The Art of Malice by John 5

Pipes' Pick: Remixploitation by John 5

Pipes reads a book!

The Bliss accepts sponsors.

Bliss Army track of the week:Same Road Waltz by The Little Unsaid

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749.


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The Bliss gets an iPhone app!

Pappy reviews the Eastwood Airline '59 Customer 3P guitar.  Check out what Pappy thought of this crazy-cool guitar. Here's a hint: The guitar wins the first ever Bliss Pick award.

Check out pictures at and buy it at

Pipes, PT and Pappy all review the behind the scenes documentary Tom Anderson Guitarworks by Music PRO Media.  Check it out at

GoW: Richard Z. Kruspe of Ramstein

Check out the latest poll at and cast your vote!

PT talks about the King of Kong documentary... yes, again.

PT's pick: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

Pappy's pick: Blood Drunk by Children of Bodom

Pipes' pick:Lucky 7 by the Reverend Horton Heat

Bliss Army track of the week: Falls On Me by Alfie Llanos

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749.

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The boys are riddled with technological issues.

But they are psyched for BlissStock!

Pipes and PT switch Benfords.

Pappy wants a Vypyr and the guys discuss the evolution of modelling amps. now with a poll!

Blissner Rhettro checks in with a great segment of the top 5 Metal Riffs you need to know about.

Our hosts are so inspired, they decided to share 5 top riffs from some of their own favorite genres.

Pappy's Pick: The Devil Knows My Name by John 5 

PT's Pick: If I Had a Hi-Fi by Nada Surf

Bliss Army Track: I'm Talkin 'bout Fuzz by Alfie Llanos

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749.

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It's Boutique Bliss!  This time, Larry talks to Eric Stets, creator of the Stetsbar trem.  Listen to hear the hows and whys of his invention and why you'll want to check it out.  Plus, Pipes and PT chat about BlissStock, Rory Gallagher and more!

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Pipes has a beef with episode 200.

PT vows to resurrect a segment of the past...

Pappy gets yet another guitar to review. 

The boys call out the continent of Asia.

Pipes makes a bold announcement!

There are so many quality independent builders out there, that it is impossible for the best of us to have tried them all.  Pipes, PT and Pappy share the top independent guitars they are dying to try.

Kauer Guitars

Ellie Guitars

Hahn Guitars

Benford Guitars

Bell Custom Guitars

William Jeffrey Jones Guitars

Ron Kirn Gutiars

James Trussart Guitars

Frank Hartung Guitars

The guys discuss a lawsuit against NAMM and Guitar Center and the merits of Minimum Advertised Pricing.

Bliss Army Track of the Week: A Day without Me by Joe Fry

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749.

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Break out the beer and the party hats, cause it's episode 200! And it's time to go... Behind the Bliss.

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Reviews of the DeLisle Fuzz Pedal, the DIY Mod Kit Piledriver and lots more good stuff!

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