Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Pipes and PT talk about non-traditional guitars, both in terms of built in effects and non-traditional materials.  Plus Retro Rag, Guitarist of the Week and PT breaks some gear live on air!

Pipes wheels and deals on Craig’s List.  PT considers updating his acoustic.

The listeners unite to try and fool the Google Voice voice-to-text translation. 

Guitar News presented by

Saint Blues introduces the electric washboard.

Jeff Beck to release first new album in 7 years.

Pipes features the February 2001 Guitar World in this week’s Retro Rag segment.

PT discusses guitars with built in effects and Pipes talks about guitars made from non-traditional materials.  Also, PT breaks stuff and then sounds really bad. 

Guitarist of the Week: Matthew Bellamy of Muse

Bliss Army Track:

Rogue by Wednesday Heroes

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