Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT take a look at one of the innovators of the delta blues, PT examines an innovative possiblity for custom paint jobs and Ken Parker, The New Yorker and Pipes muse over the lack of innovation in our favorite six-string instrument!
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This episode we discuss a classic but often marginalized guitarist, Joe Perry.  Plus, the Squier 51, the new Stooges album and music piracy.  Grr, Arrg!
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Pipes and PT break out their lab coats and take a look at some of rock's greatest myths!  Plus, rants about American Idol, Courtney Love, and PT mixes up Iron Madien and Iron Butterfly, confusing everybody!
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It's time again to reach deep into the mailbag and let the listeners say their piece!  And they have plenty to say.  Plus, a 6SB listener call to action!
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