Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT are back!  And they have three months worth of guitar talk to spew into your ears!
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This is it - the last Retro Zone Episode - and it's super-sized for your maximum listening pleasure!  We're treated to an original song by PT,  GOW Joe Satriani, and Pipes inaugurates the Bliss' quintessential signout. Plus an in-depth interview with JMan, mystery riff, and just a little backstory on Clint and Alicia. We serve up extra helping of tunes as well with tracks by Alfie Llanos, JMan and PT, Drive Choir, and Clint Searcy himself.
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All about NAMM! Pipes and PT give us the lowdown on all of the latest products at NAMM and announce the debut of Clint gives us a few news headlines and Dave Macloud shakes us out of the winter blues with the outro song!
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It's all about effects this time as Pipes and PT talk about pedals and the high-tech war, wondering what makes a good effects pedal and what will the effects rig of tomorrow look like? George Harrison is this week's GOW, Clint debuts a track from Panic Disorder and Larry Smith's Karma Generator plays us out.
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