Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Pipes has a beef with episode 200.

PT vows to resurrect a segment of the past...

Pappy gets yet another guitar to review. 

The boys call out the continent of Asia.

Pipes makes a bold announcement!

There are so many quality independent builders out there, that it is impossible for the best of us to have tried them all.  Pipes, PT and Pappy share the top independent guitars they are dying to try.

Kauer Guitars

Ellie Guitars

Hahn Guitars

Benford Guitars

Bell Custom Guitars

William Jeffrey Jones Guitars

Ron Kirn Gutiars

James Trussart Guitars

Frank Hartung Guitars

The guys discuss a lawsuit against NAMM and Guitar Center and the merits of Minimum Advertised Pricing.

Bliss Army Track of the Week: A Day without Me by Joe Fry

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Break out the beer and the party hats, cause it's episode 200! And it's time to go... Behind the Bliss.

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Reviews of the DeLisle Fuzz Pedal, the DIY Mod Kit Piledriver and lots more good stuff!

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Larry sits down with Joe of Blackbird Guitars to discuss how carbon fiber is used to make travel guitars you'll want to stay home with and much more!  Plus, rock bios and album picks.

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