Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT have a conversation with Adam, owner and designer of Satellite Amps. Find out why the west coast is buzzing over these surprisingly affordable tone machines. Clint Searcy checks in with some deep thoughts on tone. And he knows tone! Guitar News: Vague guitar theft: Who leaked U2’s album? Who do you think? Apple wants to give you guitar lessons: Wanna jam with Derek Trucks? Homeless guitarist sparks Pipes’ imagination: PT stresses about his Big Screen Bliss song. Pipes stresses about Hulu. GoW: Bill Frisell (selected by Snoozy)
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Once you’ve heard his music or seen him live, you will never think of a Dobro the same way again. Pipes sits down backstage with the force of nature that is Eric Sardinas. Plus, guitar news, GoW and another listener submitted lesson!
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Call it gear lust or call it GAS. Every guitarist has experienced that urgent need for a new piece of gear. But why do we love gear so much? And is it healthy? Plus, GoW, Guitar News and a lesson!
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Ernest McLean has played on essential Jazz, Swing and Rock and Roll records. Now he spends his day playing for visitors to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Each day, hundreds hear his music without realizing they are listening to a founding father of rock and roll. We sat down with him to bring you his story.
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