Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
In this episode, PT gets a little feisty about the Guitarist of the Week, Pipes declares himself an idiot and musicians across the globe rock for the environment, freedom and possibly even the love of music!  Also, there's some talk about death and Manuel Noriega. 
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Some we get in the mail.  Some we pick up at the guitar shop.  Pipes gets his at the grocery store.  And we are here to discuss them all!  In this podcast, Pipes and PT focus on some of their favorite guitar mags, Pipes reviews Peavey's reality TV premiere and PT bemoans the loss of free time and large album artwork. 
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Pipes and PT spend this podcast honoring some songwriting heroes of the guitar world and covering some dos and donts of the guitar jam session.  Bliss on!
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Pipes and PT are honored to welcome Paul Gilbert to Six-String Bliss!  Paul discusses his new album, the G3 tour and much more.  Pipes and PT also give an in depth review of the Chicago G3 show and podcast live from the Bliss-mobile on the streets of Chicago!
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