Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Clint and Alicia Searcy 'jack the Bliss for this special Summer NAMM 2009 "House of Zog South" episode. Get a feel for what it's like at Music City's version of NAMM, including literally bumping into this week's GoW!
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Pipes and PT discuss recent developments in life and how their guitar playing has been affected. Plus, GoW Zakk Wylde.
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Could you learn a new genre of guitar in two weeks? If you had to, how would you go about learning a completely new style? Pipes and PT lay down some tips for picking up a new genre.
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Would you rather be in a good band you can’t stand or a crummy band you love? If you found a winning group, would you comprise your vision or split over creative differences? Pipes and PT take a look at these and other quandaries that face those who attempt to survive in band.
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