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Break out the bowling shirts and the pomade, cause it’s an entire episode all about Gretsch!  We talk to Joe Carducci of Gretsch, explore the history of the company and feature TWO Gretsch-playing GoWs.

Episode 193: The Gretsch Episode

PT joins the South.

Pappy and PT begin this episode-long celebration of Gretsch guitars.

PT mispronounces pomade multiple times.

GoW #1: Eddie Cochran

Pappy gives a little rundown of the history of Gretsch.

Joe Carducci of Gretsch Guitars stops by to talk about the current state of Gretsch Guitars and what is coming in the future.  Get the inside scoop on all things Gretsch and some great stories.

PT shares the details of his recent trip to Dave’s Guitar Shop to check out some Gretsches… though he doesn’t have enough details for Pappy.

Pappy shares the Gretsches he is currently lusting after.

GoW #2: Reverend Horton Heat

The guys also announce the theme of the next 6SB Album… Genre Benders.  Further details to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Bliss Army Outro Track:

I Hate Myself for Loving You by Jan ‘JMan’ Buchholz and Stelios A

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Episode 192: The Case of the Singing Host

Pipes wakes up the neighbors. 

Six String-Bliss is featured in Premier Guitar:

Pappy wrote a song… and he is here to perform it!

Pappy unveils a new design on

The boys enjoy a little Summer NAMM discussion.

GoW: Steve Morse

Guitar News from

Neil Young album adapted into Graphic Novel

Blues Brothers endorsed by the Vatican

Bliss Army Outro Track

F. Cotton's Shenanigan's by Triangle Exception


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Pipes takes some crap from PT.

Pappy gets famous.

PT drops his ipod in a treadmill.

PT wants a Gretch.

Pipes complains about Gretches.

The Bliss pays tribute to some fallen guitar podcasts.

Pipes and PT butt heads yet again.

PT reviews two instructional DVDs from

Rockabilly Electric Guitar by Paul Pigot

Making Connections in Open Tunings by Martin Simpson

Check out their 50% off sale through June 19th for some KILLER deals!

GoW: Danny Whitten of Crazy Horse


Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at or give us a call at 815-570-9749. 

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Episode 190: Shanghai 64/1 Amp Review


Pipes welcomes the ToneFreq podcast to the world of guitar podcasting.


Pappy supports the debut album by Mighty Atomics.


Pipes rocks out the tube amps.


Pappy reviews the Shanghai 64/1 tube amp.


Pipes loves the History Channel… or does he?


Retro Rag:

Guitar One from January 2002


Guitar News from

Guitars for Rent on Cruises

Man strikes cousin with guitar

Ronnie Montrose sues Gary Moore


Guitarist of the Week:

Nick 13 of Tiger Army


Bliss Army track of the week: Big Sky by Matt Stevens


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Pipes, PT and Pappy take on questions from the listeners and get a few listeners on the phone for live questions.  This is what community is all about!

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