Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Episode 174: Guitar Profiling

Snap judgements based on a guitarist’s gear.  We all make them.  No use denying it, so let’s tackle it head on!  Plus Clint Searcy reviews the MRX Blue Box fuzz pedal!

Pipes is ‘between jobs. 

PT discovers Tape Op magazine.

Pipes and PT taking about judging a guitarist by their gear.  What do you think you are going to hear when a guitarist pulls out a certain guitar?  Or what gear would make you cringe?  It’s time to get un-politically correct and bare our gear-biased souls!

Alfie’s guitar pedals get taught to impressionable youth in the US.

Clint Searcy is back with another one of his awesome reviews!!!  This time, he plays homage to the year of the fuzz by reviewing the MXR Blue Box.

Guitar News presented by

Moody’s Lower Gibson’s Rating

The Disposable Guitar?!?

Pipes digs into the depths of his bathroom bookshelf for another installment of Retro Rags.

Guitarist of the Week:

John Mayer

Bliss Army Track:

Crazy by Joe Fry

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