Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Episode 104: Epiphone Valve Jr. - Even PT can mod this!

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Pipes reads from a Schecter Guitar catalogue.  Really!

PT tries to pronounce Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars

Guitarist of the Week:
M. Ward

Six-String Bliss News:
Roger Waters loses Pig

Wired Magazine loves Six-String Bliss?!?!

John 5’s new album

Richie Kotzen releases live album

Middle Song:
Chinese Translation by M. Ward

PT has finally picked up an Epiphone Valve Jr. and he is warming up his soldering iron and is ready to start modding.  But how much is too much to spend on an amp that streets for under $100?

Pipes and PT share a couple of listener emails and a long-standing 6SB question is finally answered.

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