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Episode 165: Mailbag! The boys question the greater meaning of Labor Day and dig into the mailbag to share some listener feedback. Plus, guitar news, a double-shot of guitarist of the week and more! The first Reviews for Vets auction is up on eBay for the Peterson StroboStomp 2. Check it out! PT and Pipes give a shout out to the great music podcast, Nafarious Bovie Radio. Pipes and PT dig into the mailbag… A great email from a German guitar podcast. A listener email fueled guitar news controversy! A mysterious bonus feature on Freaky Friday… Guitar News from Robert Cray Gets a Computer Vai gets a Degree Smashed Guitar Leads to Charity Guitar Crime from Ireland The Halloween Album deadline is looming, so get those submissions in! Deadline Midnight, October 17th, 2009. Guitarist(s) of the Week: J.D. Cronise and Kyle Shutt of The Sword Bliss Army track is by Nashville’s own Clint Searcy… Godzilla! Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at
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