Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast
Pipes and PT give a big thanks to those who have donated to the NAMM 2009 fund so far. 

We play a couple of voicemails.  Join in the fun by leaving us a message at 206-203-3738.

GOW (selected by listener David):

Charlie Christian

Guitar News:

George Jones’ long-lost guitar returned!

M&I building salutes Les Paul:

Moog Guitar:

AC/DC Hearts Walmart:

Center Song:

Charlie Christian with the Goodman Sextet – Flying Home

Pipes and PT are joined by Dennis Mollan of ProTone Pedals to discuss the latest ProTone and give us the inside scope on the hottest new stomp boxes.

Dennis also sticks around to help us define the next term in our ‘Guitars Defined’ series: True Bypass.

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